Complete Planning + Coordination

Event planning can be a very challenging task. Think of it like a giant puzzle with a lot of pieces. With our wealth of knowledge about this industry, CV Event Planning is here to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. If you are looking for someone to be there for you from start to finish, this is the package for you. For more details on this package, click below.

Partial Planning + Coordination

Maybe you have gotten pretty far on your event planning process, but you now find yourself at a stumbling block. This is where we come in. CV Event Planning will help get your creative juices flowing again and overcome those last obstacles in this journey. To learn more about what this package entails, click below.



Day-Of Coordination

Congratulations!!! You've done all the planning and preparation for your event. Now the day is drawing near, and you would just like the opportunity to relax and enjoy the actual event. But, there are still things that need to be tended to during the event. It's going to very difficult to have fun and manage your event at the same time. Let CV Event Planning help take care of the stressful details, while you focus on enjoying what you have worked so hard to create. Click below to see how we can help.